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Dumbo's Circus Parade

Dumbo's Circus Parade

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Dumbo's Circus Parade 1979 Disney World.
(Photo courtesy of Mike McInnis.)

Dumbo's Circus Parade ran from January 2 through December 21, 1979.  The parade featured many Disney characters and floats including:

Various clowns wore masks instead of make up.  They performed tricks or rode unicycles.  There was also a two person camel costume that featured a comical rider.  

Bongo and Lulubelle bear would ride a set of connected bicycles.

A Casey Jr. train was driven by an engineer with a pointy nose (the style of the costume was reminiscent of the wooden soliders from Babes in Toyland).

The clown firehouse featured Dumbo looking out the window and flames on the building.  Fire fighter clowns usually marched near the float.

Dumbo's Circus Parade

 Minnie appeared as a trapeze artist, Donald as a fortune teller and Goofy as a strong man.  Mickey was dressed as a ringmaster and the ringmaster character from "Dumbo" also appeared in the parade.

Assorted Disney characters such as Smee, Captain Hook and Br'er Bear appeared near tightrope poles or circus tent canvas on the floats.

Dumbo's Circus Parade 1979 Magic Kingdom
(Photo courtesy of Mike McInnis.)

Other characters that appeared in the parade included Pooh and Tigger, Chip and Dale and Wilby Daniels as his alter ego the Shaggy Dog!  The film "The Shaggy D.A." starring Dean Jones had been released in December of 1976 and this parade was one of the few, if not the only time this character was seen in the parks.

For certain occasions, actual circus performers appeared on the floats juggling or walking a tightrope.  Elements of this parade and the floats were recycled from previous parades and would continue to be used in future parades as well.  The Casey Jr. train and engineer may go back as far as the early 1970s and were used until at least 1988.  

Dumbo's Circus Parade Clowns Walt Disney World

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