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Toy Story Parade

Toy Story Parade

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 This parade ran in 1996.  The green army men marched at the beginning of the parade while a version of "You Got a Friend in Me" played.  Sarge rode on the float and made remarks to the crowd, such as how green was his favorite color.  A giant walking Slinky Dog followed behind.  The music changed to "Strange Things" at the float with a talking Hamm and Mr. Potato Head standing on top of a pile of Milton Bradley board games such as Twister, Operation, Candyland and Battleship.  Red monkeys marched with their Barrel of Monkeys game behind the board game float.  Cast Members in red coveralls that had the Toy Story logo on the back had to manually maneuver the barrel.  One of the monkeys would occasionally climb up on the float and do things such as pull off Mr. Potato Head's ear.  

 Buzz Lightyear and the aliens from Pizza Planet next appeared on a float with Buzz's spaceship box to the strains of "You Got a Friend in Me".  Other toys from Andy's room followed behind, such as Bo Peep, her sheep, the wrestler figure and the troll doll.  A driver then drove a Hot Wheels car while more Green Army men appeared with the walkie-talkie that they used on missions.  Woody brought up the rear of the parade on a float that featured Rex, the tape recorder microphone, Lenny the binoculars, and the snake puppet.  

Toy Story Parade  

 After the parade ended its run, "Toy Story Weekends" were held instead. The floats were pulled onto New York Street and a small show called "Operation Toy Story" would be performed. This was very short lived and eventually the floats were retired and Buzz and Woody were moved to a set location for meet and greets.  Parade floats were sometimes placed around the park for photo opportunities.  The Green Army Men float at the beginning of this parade was later reincarnated as the giraffe float at Animal Kingdom's Festival of the Lion King!

 Pixar and the Toy Story films later had a larger presence at the Studios.  The Toy Story crew was featured in the Stars and Motor Cars parade, Block Party Bash parade and the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! parade.  The Pixar Place area of the Studios featuring the Midway Mania ride was later opened in 2008, giving all the Toy Story pals a permanent home.  The Studios later added Toy Story Land, which premiered in 2018.

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