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Hercules Zero to Hero Victory Parade

Hercules Zero to Hero Victory Parade

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Hercules Zero to Hero Victory Parade

 The star of Disney's 35th animated film was featured in a twice-daily procession down Hollywood Boulevard starting June 27, 1997.  A "Theban Family of the Day" was selected to head the parade wearing togas, laurel leaf crowns and ride in gold chariots pulled by bicycle-riding Greek soldiers.  The procession featured commentary by "Ridges Philbinylus" and "Apollonia Airheadenese".  Some performances of the parade did not include the commentary, as the audio could create quite a cacophony with the music and the character audio from the floats.  

 The parade started with a drill team carrying lightening bolt rifles.  This led into the first float featuring the Muses and a giant Zeus dangling a Dionysus marionette.  The "Heroes By Phil" float followed with an Audio-Animatronic Phil putting heroes through training at his gym.  "Miss Greece" followed in pedal-powered chariot driven by a solider while a captured Cyclops rode a tandem bike with another solider.  Hades's minions Pain and Panic walked behind the chariots.

 Hades appeared on a "House of Horrors" float that featured a likeness of him with steam blowing out of the ears, "Medusa's Kissing Booth", and mine carts with assorted items such as an eyeball.  Performers carrying Hydra heads followed behind and there was also a rolling vehicle with Hydra heads on it.  

Hercules Zero to Hero Victory Parade Hades

Grecian cheerleaders accompanied Hercules and Meg.  Hercules would occasionally demonstrate his strength by lifting the large "H" on his float.  A puppet Pegasus operated by a performer dressed as Hermes appeared to "fly" in the rear of the float.  In the publicity photo below, note that the Hercules float is in front of the Hades float, which is not the correct procession order.  The banners in front of the float were also staged for this picture.  

Hercules parade float

There was also a Hercules parade at Disneyland that premiered the same day as the one at the Studios.  While both parks used the same musical soundtrack and Phil Audio-Animatronic, the floats in the two parades were totally different, with Disneyland's being larger and more elaborate.  Tokyo Disneyland had a parade called "Hercules the Hero" that also used the same soundtrack and had floats similar in style to Disneyland's.  This parade had an extended "show mode" that the other two parades did not have.  The last performance of the Hercules parade at Disney-MGM Studios was on April 18, 1998.   It was replaced by the Mulan Parade.  

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