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Mulan Parade

Mulan Parade

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Mulan Parade Banner

 This parade based on Disney's 36th animated film started down Hollywood Boulevard on June 19th, 1998, which was the same day the movie was released.  Mostly using an instrumental of the song Honor to Us All (with some of I'll Make a Man Out of You thrown in) as the theme, It featured over 53 performers.  The parade ended March 11, 2001 and  was replaced by the Stars and Motor Cars parade.  

The Parade Floats

Prior to the parade beginning, Mushu is heard urging the audience "show Mulan we mean business".  Once the audience makes enough noise, he promises "one family reunion coming right up."  As he rides by as a passenger in a bicycle, he continues to talk:

Mushu: Hey everybody.  Sit back, relax, 'cause the Mulan parade is on its way!  (Chuckles.)  Can I make things happen or what?  Hey folks, y'all remember me, right?  I am your one and only guardian.  I am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible Mushu!

The Matchmaker follows while Cri-Kee can be seen and heard chirping in a cage.

Mulan parade matchmaker

Woman dance with parasols and dancing pagodas follow behind the Matchmaker.

Mulan parade dancing pagoda

Mulan's parents, Fa Zhou and Fa Li pass by with her dog, Little Brother.

Mulan parade family float

The music briefly switches to I'll Make a Man Out of You as Huns are shown displaying some sword moves.

Mulan parade Huns

Shan Yu, who is tied to a bed of skulls and fireworks follows the rest of the Huns.

Mulan Parade Shan Yu

Following behind a defeated Shan Yu are some of the soldiers who disguised themselves as women to save the Emperor in his palace.

Mulan parade disguised women

Mulan parade disguised soldiers

A 150-foot Dragon/Great Wall of China (complete with soliders on the top) that utilized 17 performers wove its way down Hollywood Boulevard.

Mulan parade dragon Great Wall of China

Acrobats, Lion dancers and others on stilts followed behind.

Mulan parade acrobat

A horse drawn wagon then appeared with Shang and Mulan on top of it (her father Fa Zhou sometimes appeared with them also).

Mulan parade Mulan and Shang

        The Emperor brought up the rear of the parade.

Mulan parade emperor

Disneyland Variations

 The Disneyland version of the parade was mainly run at night.  It had a few more floats than the one at the Studios.  Supposedly these floats, such as the one below featuring Mulan's ancestors, were shipped to the Disney/MGM Studios after the parade finished its California run in 1999.  However, nothing in the form of pictures or video has yet surfaced showing they were used at the Studios.

Mulan parade at Disneyland
(Thanks to Renee Beri for providing most of the pictures on this page.)

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